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Independent Public Adjusters of Florida, Inc.

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Once you decide to hire us...

Here's what we need from you to start your claim:

  • Your insurance Policy or Declarations page.  We need this document to determine the type of coverage you have, your policy limits, and your deductible.  You may find The "Declarations Page" on the front page of your insurance policy.
  • If you decide to use My Florida PA, Inc., you'll need to sign our contract.
  • If you have already reported your loss to your insurance company and they have already prepared an estimate of your damages, we will need this information as well.  We will prepare our own estimate, however, we will also need their information as well.
Once you sign our contract
  1. Within a few days of signing the contract, we will assign your claim to one of our Adjusters and our office will notify your insurance company to let them know that we will be adjusting your claim. You do not have to communicate with your insurance company after this point. If they call you for any reason to discuss your claim, ask them to call our office.
  2. Shortly after signing our contract, your assigned Public Adjuster will contact you.
  3. Our Adjuster will visit your property to fully inspect your damages, and review the insurance company’s estimate, or to create our own estimate. If the Insurance Adjuster has not been out to the loss yet, our Adjuster will make arrangements to review the loss together.
  4. Our Adjuster will present your claim to your insurance company, along with our findings and recommendations. Our Adjuster will work with your Insurance Company until a settlement is reached and we will not accept any offers until we review the amount with you.
  5. Once an agreed amount is established, your insurance company will mail you a check for your loss. If you have already received a check, they will mail you a check to make up the difference.
  6. Your check will have our name on it, we will meet to sign over your check, and then we will collect our fee.



Note: Hurricane claims usually take several months to get fully paid but we will make every effort and try to collect as fast as possible. We ask that you remain patient since we don’t have control on “when” the insurance company chooses to meet us and “when” they choose to cut the final check. However, we will continue to push until final payment is made. Thank you!


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