Rules & Regulations

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to identify both specific and general standards of behavior that, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, are in the interest of the majority of residents at Los Palacios By Miami Lakes. Each of us, by choosing to live in a condominium Community, has in effect accepted the fact that we must be considerate of our neighbors. In turn, we expect that they will show the same consideration to us by complying with these rules and regulations, each of us will be both giving and receiving the thoughtful respect that must be the cornerstone of condominium living.

Dues are to be paid no later than the 10th of every month.  A late fee of $25 will be charged for any payment that is not received on or before the due date and interest will accrue at the highest legal rate following each day. Failure to pay Association dues may result in a lein on the delinquent property and legal action to collect the past due amounts.  While the Association prefers not to take these actions, please be advised that these laws will be enforced.  For more information please call Neighborhood Property Management at 305-819-2361.


  1. Owners are responsible for enforcing occupancy requirements of their units. Only two persons may reside in a 1-bedroom residence or 4 in a 2-bedroom residence. 5 unrelated persons in a 3-bedroom residence. There are no 4-bedroom residences. Residents in violation of these rules are subject to a violation notice and applicable fee after second violation offence. All owners and tenants are required to provide a copy of the renter lease agreement to Los Palacios By Miami Lakes Condo Association within 10 days before of the lease commencement date for a background check. (See Section 1 & 2 of your Association by-laws).  If you have not submitted your application, please contact Neighborhood Management right away at 305-819-2361.
  2. Residents shall exercise reasonable care to avoid disturbing, objectionable or loud noises or music at any time. If you notice excessive noise at any hour or are aware of damage to common property areas, contact our Security Company (if available) or the Hialeah Police at (305) 687-2525. There is no onsite management so please call Neighborhood Property Management at 305-819-2361 first, to register the complaint or for follow up. Once there has been an initial warning or complaint, a fine shall be levied against the unit Owner for any subsequent incident. A third incident shall be subject to an additional fine; any subsequent complaints will be subject to additional fines. In connection with any incident or complaint, the association reserves the right to summon the police and require identification check of individuals at the premises.
  3. Decks/balconies are subject to these rules and regulations: They must be neat in appearance. Trash, tarps, interior furniture, appliances, latters, brooms, or kegs may not be stored on the decks. Bikes and other recreational equipment may be kept on decks & balconies provided they are hung neatly from the ceiling above or wall. Decks shall not be used for hanging garments or other articles for extended periods of time. (See Section 4 of your Association by-laws).
  4. Live foliage, kept in good condition may hang from decks during the summer months. The board of directors encourages residents to have flowers on their decks.
  5. Common elements, i.e., under stairs, hallways, parking spaces and in front of units, may not be used for storage [this includes bicycles]. All hallways must be kept clear per City Fire Regulations. Any trash left in hallway will be hauled to trash and the Resident assessed a $25 fee after 1st notice, and on each re-occurrence. Any object stored in a common area will be confiscated and either taken to the dumpster or require a retrieval fee of $50. If not reclaimed within 30 days, items will be disposed of. (See Section 7 & 8 of your By-Laws).
  6. Interior structural modifications and any exterior modifications to units of buildings are not allowed without prior written consent of the Board of Directors.  This includes the addition of shutters, deck/balcony modifications or plants in common areas
  7. Solicitors are not allowed. They may be considered trespassing. If a solicitor comes to your door, please call Security and Make a complaint.
  8. Per environmental regulations, wood burning and barbequing are not allowed. Charcoal barbeque grills are not permitted on decks or balconies at Los Palacios. Small Gas grills are permitted. Small Electric barbeques are acceptable. However, as a courtesy to your neighbors, you should avoid these activities.
  9. Condominiums are for residential use only. Businesses or professionals that manufacture products, use hazardous chemicals, engage in deliveries or pickups, or result in customer foot traffic may not be operated from a condominium unit.
  10. Fireworks: Igniting fireworks anywhere in the complex is strictly prohibited.
  11. Exterior Appearance of the building and areas appurtenant to the condominium shall not be painted, decorated of modified without the prior written consent of the association, which consent may be withheld or purely aesthetic grounds within the sole discretion of the Association, except that a resident may display the US flag in a respectful way, as allowed by Section 718.113, Florida Statue and article XVIII above. (See Section 5 of your By-Laws).
  12. Exterior window coverings shall be used in a tasteful manner provided that it does not interfere or reduce property value. No awnings, window guard, light reflective material, ventilators, fans or air conditioning devices shall be used in or about the building, unless approved by the Association.  (See Section 5 of your by-laws).
  13. Interior window coverings such as drapes or curtains visible from the exterior of the unit shall be used in a tasteful manner provided that it does not interfere or reduce property value. Recommended colors: White or off-white. Any other color is subject to a violation notice at the owner’s expense.  (See Section 6 of your By-Laws).
  14. Owners who desire to install any hard surface flooring such as marble, slate, ceramic tile or wood in an interior floor, located above the first floor, shall install a sound absorbent under-layer of such kind and quality equivalent or superior to one-half inch of cork and perimeter sound isolation material installed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Association as amended from time to time, to substantially reduce the transmission of noise to other units. Prior to any such installation, the unit owner must provide a copy of the purchase invoice and description of the sound isolation to be installed and obtain the written approval of the Association. If the installation is made without prior written approval, the Board may require the unit owner to cover all such hard surface with carpeting, or require the removal of such hard surface flooring at the unit owner’s expense, and in addition thereto, the Association may exercise all remedies provided at law or in equity. (See Section 10 of your By-Laws).



  1. Please use extreme caution wile driving at Los Palacios By Miami Lakes, and do not drive in a careless or reckless manner. Any reports of careless driving will be reported to the Police.
  2. No parking is permitted on lawns or in front of fire hydrants, fire lanes, trash containers, blocking other vehicles, or where “no parking” notices are posted. Towing is at the resident’s expense and without notice.
  3. Vehicles shall be parked within designated parking spaces, or legally on city streets, or be subject to towing.
  4. Owner of the vehicle will be responsible for any damage done to the parking areas. The owner of the unit who owns the parking space will be assessed with the cost of the damage for repair.  Damages that occur as a result of a parked vehicle in an illegal parking area will be assessed with the cost of the damage for repair.
  5. Vehicles cannot be stored in visitor parking at Los Palacios property. Vehicles that are not used on a regular basis in visitor parking will be tagged and then towed within 48 hours at Resident’s expense.
  6. Commercial vehicles and vehicles larger than ¾-ton pickup trucks are not allowed on property, except for the express purpose of moving household goods, fire, trash or maintenance. No parking of oversized vehicles, stored vehicles, trailers, boats or campers of any kind is allowed on Los Palacios property. (See Section 11 of your Association by-laws).
  7. Vehicle maintenance is not permitted anywhere on property. Vehicle maintenance using jacks, jack stands or blocks is not permitted except for the purpose of changing flat tires; any damage to the asphalt or common areas will be assessed to the condominium Resident.
  8. Because of environmental regulations and continuing damage to the association’s common property, you may not change any oil or other fluids in your vehicles on Los Palacios property. No disposal of oil, motor vehicle fluids, or other hazardous waste in trash containers or on Los Palacios property is permitted.
  9. Disposal of mattresses in our garbage containers is not allowed.  In order to do so, you must cut it into smaller pieces so it could fit inside the container.  No garbage is allowed outside the containers. This includes furniture of any kind. If you need contract a garbage company, you may call Magic Waste Ph: 305-216-1302.
  10. Motorcycles may only be parked in front of assigned parking spaces or in designated parking areas if available.
  11. Skate boarding, or any type of ball playing are not allowed on Los Palacios common property.  Should a damage occur as a result of disregarding these rules, Residents shall be fined and require to repair for all damages.


  1. Pets are allowed at any time anywhere, with the exception of the pool area, at Los Palacios. Dogs, cats, birds and tropical fish may be kept in units, provided that no such pet shall be raised for commercial purposes. No more than one dog is permitted in any unit. All other pets are prohibited. Large dogs are not permitted. No pets shall be kept outside or be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise that would constitute a nuisance. A determination by the board of directors that a pet maintained or harbor within a Condominium unit is creating a nuisance shall be conclusive and binding upon all parties. Residents shall be fined for each violation relating to animals at Los Palacios after the 1st oral or written notice. (See Section 3 of your association By-laws).



  1. Each unit may have as many visitors in the pool area provided that this number does not exceed the maximum occupancy rules contained herein (15). Proof of residency and a copy of any lease or rental agreement will be required by Los Palacios staff, which shall have the authority to permit or deny use of the facilities. Members without residency proof will not be allowed use of the facilities.
  2. All children 14 years or younger must be supervised by an adult at all times. Food, glass containers or canned beverages are not allowed into the pool areas. Alcohol, tobacco products, and controlled substances are not permitted on the pool.
  3. Members and guests are not allowed in the pool under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. There is no lifeguard on duty. Therefore, swimming is at the sole risk of the individual. Running on the pool deck and diving or jumping in a reckless manner into the pool is not allowed.
  5. Bathing suits must be worn at all times in the deck areas and pool areas.
  6. Members and guests must shower before entering the pool.
  7. The lost and found box will be emptied at the end of each month. Los Palacios By Miami Lakes Condominium is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  8. Los Palacios reserves the right to revoke pool membership for owners and renters not in good standing with the association, or for violation of rules and regulations, behavior that is discourteous or threatening in any way to members of staff, or abuse of the facilities.


Please note that while we definitely want everyone to have a GREAT time while living or visiting the condo - wild, rowdy and/or drunken partying is NOT welcomed at Los Palacios. All visitors are required to adhere to the Homeowner's Association rules.  This is not a Resort or SPA.  There are full-time residents, some with medical issues so please be considerate. Security may enforce noise rules by calling the proper Hialeah Authorities. (See Section 9 of your Association By-Laws). These rules and regulations shall become effective immediately and will be revisited and/or revised as neededExceptions to and deviations from these Rules & Regulations may be authorized only by the Board of Directors.




Last printed: June 25, 2007
By: Los Palacios By Miami Lakes Condo Association Board of Directors.