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Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

Say your house has just been badly damaged by a Hurricane, fire or even a burglary, or other calamity. You can't remember the last time you looked at your home insurance policy. Do you know what you're entitled to?

Unfortunately, most people don't know the details of their policies because they are chock full of legalese. However, in the case of home or property damage (not auto-related), consumers can turn to public claims adjusters to decipher their policies and get them a fair settlement with their insurance company. Public adjusters work for both individuals and businesses, but most cater to the individual policyholder.

Public adjusters must follow the guidelines written in their state that say what they can and can't do. Adjusters aren't allowed to handle bodily injury claims, auto claims, or third-party claims (such as a trust or an estate). They also are obligated to give you timely service and make sure you're given a reasonable offer from the insurance company, and disclose every part of the claims process to you.

Advantages of using a public adjuster

Public claims adjusters know the insurance process inside and out, so they can minimize the hassle that comes with collecting documents and evidence, and then negotiating with the insurance company. The adjuster will file all your pertinent paperwork with the insurance company, arrange for the inspections of your damaged property if needed, and then haggle with the insurance company if it refuses to pay your full claim.

One piece of advice is to seek a public adjuster's service right away. It's difficult for an adjuster to come in when a claim is in the middle of being processed, however, it is not impossible.

So Why hire a Public Adjuster?

  • A Public Adjuster works for the property owner, not the insurance company. The highly stressful period following a loss is a difficult time for individuals and businesses.
  • A Public Adjuster can take those major headaches away and let the policy holder get back to their home or business. A typical fire or flood policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations, constantly changing forms and endorsements, and many complex details such as inventory appraisals and real estate evaluations that are required in case of a loss and most policyholders do not know that the burden of proof is theirs.
  • Public Adjusters know the insurance business and are familiar with all procedures so they can work quickly to expedite payments.

Why not just rely of the insurance company adjuster?

  • Company adjusters must balance their loss estimates with the insurance company’s interests.
  • It’s in the insurer’s best interest to recommend less-expensive loss-recovery options, which might negatively affect the policy holder’s property value.
  • The public adjuster has no such constraints, and makes recommendations based on returning the policyholder’s property to 100 percent of its pre-loss value.


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